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On 1/6/2021, the FCC released Public Notice DA 21-14, seeking comments by 1/19/2021 ( on how to allocate an additional $250MM that Congress recently appropriated for the FCC’s COVID-19 Telehealth Program (Program). This new funding will allow the FCC to launch Round 2 of this successful telehealth initiative, building on the 2020 $200MM Round 1 allocation. The CARES Act requires the FCC to seek comments (DA 21-14 purpose), among others, on the metrics the FCC should use to evaluate applications for funding and how the FCC should treat applications filed during the funding rounds for awards from the Program using amounts appropriated under he CARES Act. In Round 1, EXEC was successful regarding the two applications it prepared and submitted to the FCC ($1MM each).  If you are interested in knowing more how EXEC can help your organization with FCC funding possibilities, drafting comments response to the FCC, and other telehealth topics, please give us a call at 732-974-7200 or email us at


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