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On June 14, 2018, HRSA announced $350MM in funding to expand access to substance use disorder and mental health services at FQHCs across the US.  The funding opportunity is called “Expanding Access to Quality Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Services (SUD-MH).” In 2016, 20.1MM Americans ages 12+ had a SUD in the past year, 8.2MM adults had co-occurring SUD and mental illness, 44.7MM adults experienced mental illness, and 1 in 5 children will experience a serious mental illness. EXEC is working diligently with FQHCs in multiple regions of the country to secure this vital grant during our great nation’s time of substantial substance abuse and mental health need. In a short one-month turnaround, EXEC worked for several FQHCs in preparing and submitting to HRSA by 7/16, SUD-MH $250K grants ($100K ongoing, $150K one-time) to implement/advance evidence-based strategies to expand access to quality integrated services, including SUD, MH, and opioid use disorder.

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