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 LA Healthcare Capital Building Programs – “Owner’s Representative”


Executive Resources, LLC and Joseph J. Holt, Architect, LLC, independent firms (“Firms”) operating in Louisiana, work together and collaborate on healthcare construction and alteration/renovation projects in Louisiana representing the “owner’s interest.”  Specifically, what the Firms provide as the “Owner’s Representative” is a hands-on approach to capital building programs from concept development to occupancy.  Basically, the Firms’ approach assures the owner has a footprint on the project and the space planning and design; construction; Furniture, Fixed, Equipment (“FFE”); low-voltage requirements; and it is a reflection of the owner as much as it is, the architect and contractor. 

Relative to Louisiana-based projects, the Firms have been involved in capital building projects involving creative financing, i.e. New Market Tax Credits (“NMTC”), Disaster Recovery, HUD, HRSA, and other mixes/matches of Federal/State/Local funding.  The experience and expertise of the Firms on these projects to healthcare organizations, especially in the ambulatory care arena, i.e. Federally Qualified Health Centers (“FQHC”), is essential to budgeting, architect and contractor procurement, payments, timetables, and occupancy – witness a recent project in Orleans Parish.   Our philosophy is to be deeply involved from the front end, protecting the owner’s interest and monitor the capital building program throughout its life until occupancy and having the lights turned on. The Firms are stewards of the owner and have “been there before” and assist our client with our value-added service of the hands-on approach.

The owner desires a project delivered on time and at a reasonable cost established by budgetary guidelines.  The Firms establish a capital building program “meeting schedule,” once the spade has been put in the ground.  We also work with regulatory and planning agencies in concert with attorneys, architects/space planners, and contractors.  At the end of the day, we attempt to keep change orders within reason and identify areas of potential savings and areas of potential grants, matching funds, and other sources of revenue to bring more value-added service to the project.  Clearly, we have a successful track record in this regard – once again, with the footprint of the owner involved from the onset. 

The Firms would like to help your healthcare organization in capital building program development if the opportunity arises.  Specifically, we can assist you relative to the “Owner’s Interest” in the following areas:


  • Concept Development
  • Site Selection (inclusive of Federally-designated Medically Underserved Area – key to NMTC)
  • Program and Service Development
  • Conceptual Budget Creation
    • Hard Cost Construction Values
    • Owner Soft Costs
      • Property Surveys
      • Architect / Engineering Fees
      • Environmental Assessment Survey & Testing
      • Soil Tests
      • Pile Test
      • Vibration Monitoring in surrounding area during pile driving
      • Video / Photographic Documentation of nearby buildings prior to pile driving
      • Fire Pump Flow Test
      • Construction Material Testing (concrete, steel, timber, etc.)
      • Builder’s Risk Insurance
      • Payment & Performance Bond
      • Construction Cost Contingency (10%)
      • Legal Fees
      • Financing & Interest Cost
  • Initial Space Planning Concept Requirements
  • Architect/Schematic Planning and Procurement Process
  • Grants Management
  • Contractor Procurement Process
  • Review and Consultation Relative to Contracts
  • Project Oversight
  • Analyze on Ongoing Basis – Construction of the Project – Contractors/Subcontractors
  • Funding and Financial Management
  • Timetable Development from Commencement to Occupancy
  • Regulatory and Planning Agency Assistance
  • Represent Owner’s Interest with All Facets of Project – Contractors, Subcontractors
  • Regularly Scheduled Meetings – Program Scheduling and Timetable Development/Monitoring
  • Project Scope, Change Orders, Outstanding Issues
  • Monthly or Biweekly Reported as Required
  • Assist in Evaluating Contractor Payment Request
  • Facilitate Dispute Resolution
  • Monitor the Project Relative to Budget, Timetable, Outstanding Issues


The Firms provide the owner with a breath of fresh air and the ability to run his/her healthcare organization with business as is during the capital development program, realizing that the project is in “good hands” with the Firms.  We are an extension of the owner and his/her strongest advocate.

If you would like to know more, please call Larry Sargent of Executive Resources at 732-974-7200 (office) or 732-859-4112(cell) or email us at and we can tell you how we can help your healthcare organization and provide you with some of our capital development program “success stories.” 

Contact us, and we'll be happy to tell you exactly how we can address your particular institutional situation.