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Executive Resources, LLC and CyberMed Corporation have formed a Strategic Partnership to market, network, collaborate, and develop projects and systems relative to health information technology (HIT) for a myriad of horizontal and vertical healthcare providers in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace.   Specifically, the objective of this HIT Strategic Partnership is to improve patient health outcomes, so critical early on through access and delivery of ambulatory preventive and primary care. 


EXEC has provided an extensive cadre of healthcare consulting services to hospitals, FQHCs, physician groups, and other ambulatory care providers for over 25 years.  CyberMed has been on the “cutting edge” of HIT and improving health outcomes and health indicators, while concurrently, helping to reduce health disparities for over 7 years.  As such, it is a “natural” that the two firms, EXEC/CyberMed together in this Strategic Partnership have joined forces to better assist new and existing healthcare clients, including the following:


·       Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs);

·       FQHC Look-Alikes;

·       Multiplicity of FQHC Programs – Community Health Centers, Homeless Programs, Public Housing Program, Migrant Health Centers, School-Based Health Centers;

·       Multiplicity of All FQHC Programs Across Multiple Delivery Sites – Primary Medical Care, Oral Health, Behavioral Health (Mental Health and Substance Abuse);

·       Private and Public Programs;

·       Ryan White HIV/AIDS Programs;

·       Rural Health Clinics (RHC);

·       Physician Groups;

·       Skilled Nursing Facilities;

·       Hospitals/Health Systems Inclusive of Clinics, Emergency Department, Outpatient Services – Onsite/Offsite; and

·       Academic Health Centers.


As a combined force in our Strategic Partnership, EXEC/CyberMed clearly focuses on what healthcare is “all about” today, which is improving health outcomes.  With CyberMed’s HIT, which initially started from development in a large east coast FQHC network of multiple sites and multiple programs, it has grown to provide services on a national basis to many providers, optimizing an online health practice system for the healthcare organization client’s executive team and the providers directly involved in healthcare service delivery, and of which, includes the following:


·       CDoc Online Doctor;

·       Electronic Medical Records (EMR);

·       Practice Management System (PMS) – Billing and Collections, Coding (ICD-10, HCPCS/CPT), Claims Processing, Medical Denials;

·       Organization or “Clinic” Process Optimization;

·       Medical Data Exchange Services;

·       Ongoing and Ad-hoc Reporting; and

·       Telemedicine Capabilities, i.e. Psychiatry.


As healthcare consultants to all facets of the healthcare industry at both horizonal and vertical levels, and most importantly, to acute care hospitals, health systems, and ambulatory care providers (FQHC, RHC, physician groups), EXEC/CyberMed “bridges the gap” between acute care and ambulatory care and can assist your healthcare organization grow and flourish – today and in the future.


Please email us or give us a call:  EXEC (Larry Sargent) at / 732-974-7200 or CyberMed (Jinpin Ying) at / 732-800-0020.

Contact us, and we'll be happy to tell you exactly how we can address your particular institutional situation.