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Congrats to Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant, and a Team Effort

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors in winning the 2017 NBA Finals in five games from the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Congrats also to Kevin Durant in being the Finals MVP with some astounding statistics.  He led the Finals with 176 Total Points or an average of 35.2 points per game.  He was second to Lebron James in total Minutes Played and average minutes per game.  His Free Throw Average of .927 was highest among all starters and his 3-point average of .474 and field goal average of .556 was second among all starters.    Clearly, Kevin Durant’s MVP award was deserving as a result of his efforts in a true team approach. 

Executive Resources, LLC also provides a team and hands-on approach, and like Kevin Durant, our firm has imposing statistics for you to consider relative to using our healthcare consulting firm for all your consulting needs – strategic planning, finance and reimbursement, merger and acquisition due diligence, transition/conversion of programs and services, interim contract management, grants management, and capital building program development. Just consider some of these statistics relative to one of our product lines – Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) development, that we provide to FQHCs, hospitals, health systems, governmental entities, and ambulatory care providers:

• Minutes Played – EXEC has been successful in over the long-term in minutes played (20 years of FQHC experience) for hospitals, health systems, and academic health centers that decided it was more beneficial and cost-efficient for them not to deliver ambulatory care directly, but rather transition and convert the governance and operation of their outpatient department to that of another organization, whether a new FQHC or existing FQHC.

• Free Throw Average – EXEC’s percentages in achieving success in federal applications has been excellent: FQHC “New Access Points (NAP)” with Federal Section 330 grant funding – 66%, FQHC “Look-Alikes (LAL)” – 100%, “Changes in Scope (CIS)” for sites and services to an existing FQHC organization – 100%.

• Total Points – Coupled with the ability to create new FQHCs or FQHC LALs or to collaborate with an existing FQHC via a CIS, has been the ability to realize total points for many healthcare organizations with benefits accorded FQHC provider status and to develop new sites, programs, and services as a result of being an FQHC, concurrent with “enhanced” reimbursement that hospitals cannot receive both at the current time and moving forward in health reform.

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